Residency & Contest



Serge et Nuria   Academie petit light

Residency for up to 3 performers and 3 composers, selected to work in pairs and make the recordings of the prepared pieces. From 6 to 10 July 2022.

The winners of the Composition contest will be invited to write a new piece which will be recorded and played during an online concert.

The performers will receive a Sampo at their place to prepare the pieces in adavance and allow for extensive work with the Sampo.


Selection of composers as part of the 9th Sampo composition contest. See more => 2022 Contest

Selection of performers based on application. See more => 2022 Residency

Application deadline: 23 January 2022.


Mixed music course with the Sampo. From 5 to 8 july 2022.

During the Sampo academy, participants will acquire (better) knowledge of mixed music and augmented instruments, of the specificities of performing mixed music and of different kinds of works.

The participants will be able to play mixed music in complete autonomy, thanks to individual and collective workshops.


Open to all performers and composers within the limit of the number of available places.

More info: Sampo Academy 2022

Registration starts 14 February 2022.

4 - 25 July 2022


In 2022, the Art & Science Days become Art & Sampo Days!

The Art & Sampo Days propose a musical program around the instrument Sampo, developed and manufactured in Saint-Etienne, France. The program includes concerts of contemporary, world and improvised music, an international academy of mixed music, a composition contest, an artist residency, a musical workshop and master classes.

The festival will be a space for encounters between local and international artists, professionnals and amateurs of all levels.


Master classes

Augmented instruments workshop

Performer and composer residency

9th Sampo Composition Contest

Sampo Academy