Artex - Artistic & Technologic Exchange

The Artex project consists in establishing artistic exchanges around the innovative instrument Sampo manufactured by Musinfo association in Saint-Etienne.

Our objectives are multiple:

  • To develop relations with cultural institutions and independent artists abroad
  • To promote the use of new technologies in music
  • To support contemporary musical creation
  • To sustain the repertoire of mixed music

Artex follows the RéDi-Musix project – Mixed Music Distribution Network – with 8 partner conservatories in France and Portugal and supported by the French Ministry of Culture. Partner conservatories worked with Sampos the whole year 2017-2018.

Taking the success of the RéDi-Musix project, we wanted to establish partnerships at an international scale, to reinforce the user community.

The chosen partners will be able to use Sampo for performing, composing or for their research projects.

In the framework of the Artex project, we propose to

  • train the persons interested through individual or collective workshops
  • make a Sampo available to the partner for the agreed time period
  • foster collaborations between users from different structures



Artex Katowice carte

Artex Katowice

Thanks to the support of the city of Saint-Etienne and the Institut Français, a partnership was introduced with the Academy of Music of Katowice in Poland.

This partnership starts in November 2018 with a conference and a series of workshops in Katowice.

One Sampo will be available for the musicians of the Academy during the year 2018-2019. They will be able to play existing pieces and compose new works.

Musicians from the Academy will participate in the next Art & Science Days in May 2019. It will be the opportunity to share everyone’s experiences during the 3rd Sampo Meetings, and to hear the works written for the occasion.

Workshop Katowice Workshop Katowice 2 Académie Katowice