P6020057 extrA copieMusinfo organizes every year since 2014 an Electroacoustic Composition Contest. With this initiative, Musinfo supports the work of contemporary composers and performers in the field of ‘live-electronic”.
Winners of the contest receive a commission for a new work which they will prepare together with the performers. The works are then premiered during a concert.



This contest has a dual purpose:

For composers: Creation and recording of new mixed works

On the one hand, we invite composers to write new pieces for Sampo. With this initiative, we standardize the electroacoustic device to guarantee the possibility of performing and reperforming the work in various places and situations. The inscription of the work in the Sampo repertoire increases the composer's visibility with the performers. Indeed, Sampo is enjoying increasing success among performers.

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The residency allows for exchange and forging links with other residents, composers or performers, in a stimulating context.

For musicians: Working with the composer and enrichment of the repertoire

The writing is done in close collaboration between the winning composer and the performer. The musician will have a Sampo at home, and as a result he can check the feasibility of the piece throughout the composition process, even remotely, by staying in touch with the composer.

The result of this collaborative work of several months will be the concert of the laureates during the Art & Science Days. This concert will be preceded by a residency for the composer and the interpreter to perfect the performance of the piece together.

In addition, the standardization of the electroacoustic instrument allows the musicians, in addition to playing the new compositions, to play the existing repertoire of mixed music in any place, which expands their personal repertoires.

The residency contributes to the creation of a user community, which in turn promotes the expansion of the available repertoire.