From 5 to 8 July 2022 in Saint-Etienne, France

Académie SampoThe Sampo academy is aimed at musicians who wish to transcend the sound boundaries of their instrument with the Sampo. It offers a chance to discover the Sampo during a week of intensive training, to transform one's instrument into an augmented one, and to introduce oneself to mixed music.

The academy also welcomes composers, who have the possibility to write a short piece to work together with the performers during the academy.

The Sampo

Intended for performers of any instrument, the Sampo is an extension whose purpose is to widen the sound field of an acoustic instrument in any place and in complete autonomy. It is a practical tool for playing mixed music, whether it be triggering sound files or processing the instrument sound in real-time. For more information and videos, please visit

Working with the Sampo does not require any previous experience in the field of electroacoustic or mixed music.

ObjectivesKoblyakov sampo

During the Sampo academy, participants will acquire (better) knowledge of mixed music and augmented instruments, of the specificities of performing mixed music and of different kinds of works.

The participants will be able to play mixed music in complete autonomy.

The academy takes place in a convivial atmosphere which fosters encounters with other performers and composers. The academy is aimed at students and professionals of all nationalities.

A comprehensive program

Each participant will receive one or more scores to prepare in advance. This will allow them to concentrate on the electronic part during the academy. Each participant will have access to a Sampo during the academy to prepare the suggested works.

The academy includes both individual courses and collective workshops to familiarize with different aspects of mixed music in optimal conditions:
- collective workshops on real-time sound processing
- collective workshops on performing with electronics
- collective workshops on mixed music
- study of a score with electronics
- work on live-electronic pieces
- work on tape music
- improvisation with effects
- individual working sessions with a composer
- concert with recording

The program will include both repertoire pieces of mixed music and new works.

Academie petit light


The academy takes place between Tuesday 5 and Friday 8 July 2022, during the Art & Sampo Days festival in Saint-Etienne, France.


Registrations start on 14 February 2022.

Limited number of places.



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